Without question, the introduction of Online Access Catalogues to traditional library services has quickly expanded the range of access, far beyond the physical confines of the library, to a cornucopia of information. In particular, the development of Arabic Online Access Catalogues have revolutionised the organisation, exchange, and retrieval of Arabic materials in digital environments. Furthermore, the increasing variety of information resources in different formats, along with the inclination of academics and researchers towards using library e-services, has compelled libraries and information centres to provide efficient access tools that allow users to view and access their collections remotely.
The first Arabic Script Symposium was held in February 2005, by the National Center for Documentation and Research (NCDR) and UAE University. This Symposium's theme was Arabic Script Web-based Catalogues in the 21st Century: Present and Future Challenges. Based on recommendations, from the first Symposium, the growing importance of Online Access Catalogues, and in line with IFLA's recommendation to improve digital cataloguing codes (e.g. FRBR, FRAD, RDA) NCDR and the Libraries Deanship at UAE University decided to partner again to organize the Second Symposium on:
"Arabic Libraries Online Catalogues between Practice and Standards: The need to organize and facilitate information access"
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